About Pricing

Art, mass produced, is not as desirable as those pieces which are hand crafted.  Works done at Inflection Point Mobiles are one of a kind – each tuned to a unique conclusion.

Most of the materials are readily available.  Although they do fluctuate with the market (in particular copper, which is used throughout the sculptures to date (copper is the main constituent of bronze).  Even with these uncertainties, the prices are not exorbitant.  It is in the forming of the parts into a work of art where the investment lies.  The bulk of the cost of mobile construction is labor. 

Attempting to defray some of this labor,  forces the artist out and the engineer in.  While this might seem like a non-recurring cost to some managers, that hat is worn by the same person in a studio shop.  Other volume focused notions involve more product oriented decisions which too are particularly distasteful to an engineer struggling toward a more creative craft.  Efforts along that line might indeed drop the price but it would rob the artist of the pleasure of the journey.

For these reasons each mobile is done slowly and deliberately.  A design is conceived, the layout is sketched, initial discussions are heard about the shapes or form and then the actual building begins.  Optics are selected and laid out.  Rings are fabricated for each specific piece of glass.  Copper tubes are chosen and cut to length.  With the bending, initial form starts to appear.  Wire gets wrapped and shaped to the tubes and the hanging begins.

Going vertical is next and evaluation of the design ensues: did it work? Was the concept a success? What needs adjusting?

It takes many hours to complete even a simple two tiered design.  Larger works require even more time. Wrestling over the price break points around these numbers is daunting.  I would like as many as possible share in the enjoyment these pieces bring to a yard or home. 

Pricing starts around $2750 for the small 2-tiered design.  A Stabile version of the same size would be $3400.  Other styles are by request but are based once again, on the hourly content involved.  

Please contact us for discussions on custom options.