Tube Arms

Copper, the wonderful metal of the ages, has been the primary choice for the tube arms.  It is easy to machine, bends easily and accepts many finishing options.  The drawbacks to this choice are its softness, the gummy manner in which it cuts and the dull brown oxide it can mature to if left uncoated. 

Optic Rings

Bearing bronze has been the most often used material for this part of the mobile.  It is readily available in tube form and machines well and taps easily.  The color of the bronze offsets the copper arms nicely.  The balance of hues is a desired effect. 

Snap Rings

Almost any metal can be used for the optic locking snap ring but bronze again has been the main selection.  It comes in a variety of tempers and diameters that allow for convenient incorporation in the designs.

Arm hangers

The choice for the hooks is bronze - for its wear capability as well as its strength.  This wire bends well does not work-harden easily and has good toughness.  This metal melds and joins nicely with the copper tube arms providing a good hanger and additional stiffness to the curvature of the arm.

Fulcrum Point Springs

Phosphor bronze wire was chosen for this application but other metals would work if desired.  The temper of the metal is important and the balance of the diameter to the weight of the arm is important to getting the proper swing extents.


Other metals can be specified.  Please contact us if you have any questions.